Dr Oleg Ponomarev

General Director of OAO “Trade House “Semya”

French Philology at Kaliningrad State University
Russian-French Master Programme in International Management at All-Russian Academy of External Trade

I am an entrepreneur and I am involved in a real economy. My academic background includes studies in different parts of the world, but my first education was acquired at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. It was the impetus for my further development! We, the Kaliningraders, who grew up here, perceive the development of the University in recent years as an interstellar flight. As the university is being transformed into the centre of engineering and science. The result that we have already achieved is a big success! I wish to the University the further development and encourage the alumni to join the Kantiana Alumni Association!”.

Evgeniy Morozov

General Director of the Group of Companies “Megapolis”

Construction at Penza Institute of Construction Engineering Economics at Kaliningrad State University

“IKBFU is a huge corporation, which has united thousands of graduates of various specialties and professional spheres during 70 years of its history. The university makes a huge progress and this is a real driver of the regional development. I am proud of being the part of this corporation and exert a significant impact to the Kantiana Alumni Association activity!

Dr Marina Orgeeva

Chairman of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma

Chemistry at Kaliningrad State University Law at Kaliningrad State University PhD in Economics at Saint Petersburg State University in Economics and Finances

Sergey Voropaev

Deputy Head for FIFA-2018 management, City Administration

Engineering at Kaliningrad Engineering Military Academy
Economics at Immanuel Kant State University of Russia
Law at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Albina Krasnoschekova

General Director of the Publishing House “Strana”

Russian Philology at Kaliningrad State University
Programme on Management at Kaliningrad Institute of International Business