27 January 2022

During this year’s enrollment campaign IKBFU is opening a call for application to a Master's degree in Pedagogical Education with the major in STEAM Practices in Education which was developed within the Erasmus+ KA2 project: Integrated Approach to STEM-teacher Training. This one of a kind degree programme is designed to train a teacher of a brand-new generation of educators who are can masterfully combine the roles of a researcher and teaching practitioner in the sphere of education, information and communication technology, and networking.

Over the period of studies, learners will acquire skills in the application of:

-           innovative methods and techniques in education;

-           principles, methods, and techniques of STEAM-education;

-           contemporary approaches to education process including STEAM, design thinking, visualizing technology;

-           educational robotics.              

By the time of graduation the specialists will have the following skills developed:

-           ability to create a modern digital educational milieu to stimulate learners’ interest in studying engineering science and developing creativity;

-           ability to set out all necessary organizational and pedagogical conditions for arrangement and implementation of STEAM education.

From the very beginning of studies, learners conduct research work and complete internships in leading educational institutions of the Kaliningrad region or in University resource centers or laboratories.

While developing a curriculum for the Master's degree programme “STEAM Practices in Education” the latest requirements of the labor market were taken into account. It is oriented towards the training of highly qualified specialists in pedagogical practices who are able to effectively design and implement a STEAM approach to develop creative thinking in learners. 

Master's degree programme “STEAM Practices in Education” has been developed in the course of implementation of the Erasmus+ KA2 project: Integrated Approach to STEM Teacher Training (598367- EPP-1-2018-1-SE-EPPKA2-CBHE –JP) co-funded by the European commission.