27 January 2022

On the 29 of April 2020, the students of the Institute of Education majoring in STEAM practices in education took part in the International Online-Conference «Learn STEM for Innovative School Education» that was held on the platform of Learn STEM, a European initiative.

The aim of the Conference was to find interrelations between integration and interdisciplinary nature of STEM methodology; find ways to improve the quality and efficiency of STEM-education in secondary schools, and strengthen pupil’s motivation for STEM-projects.

The Conference gathered around 250 educators from around the globe. The programme included 22 talks held by the specialists in STEM-education from the Open University of the Netherlands, the community for science education in Europe – SCIENTIX, University of Twente (the Netherlands), International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Germany), Kaunas Simonas Daukantas progymnasium (Lithuania) among others.

Olesya Parakhina, Manager of degree programmes, Institute of Education:

“Participation in this Conference is a great opportunity for our students to learn about the experience of international colleagues in the implementation of STE(A)M-approach to education, in general, interrelations and integration of applied sciences and the arts and development of STEM-skills, in particular. To my mind, one of the key benefits of the Conference is a collection of educational platforms presented by international colleagues”.

Anastasia Bakanova, MA student at the Institute of Education:

“We have learned a lot during the Conference about issues related to the implementation of STEM-approach to education. It has been particularly interesting for me to learn about resources for developing children’s engineering creativity”.

Alisa Dorofeeva, MA student at the Institute of Education:

“This Conference touched upon many aspects of STEM practices in education. For me it was particularly interesting to learn about Golab, a database or rather a platform where a huge number of already developed interactive labs is presented. I am planning to use the knowledge gained during the Conference in my own scientific research”.