IKBFU creates an encouraging environment for the international students by implementing the buddy program.

IKBFU provides international students with the assistant of a Russian-speaking student. It is a volunteer-based program aimed at helping international students to get acquainted with Russia and Kaliningrad.

If an international student requires a buddy’s help, one can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., filling in name, educational programme, the country the student came from and contacts.


A buddy can be asked to:

  • Meet you at the airport or railway station;
  • Show you around the dormitory;
  • Help with administrative procedures, such as registration or other paperwork;
  • Inform about the University’s infrastructure, useful mobile apps, telephone numbers for emergency services;
  • Help with paperwork in Russian;
  • Show you around the city and help to locate banks, shops, cafes, etc.
  • Help with a doctor’s appointment
  • Help contact the IKBFU Administration if the matter requires it

A buddy cannot be asked to:

  • Help at nighttime (since 9 pm to 8 am)
  • Provide you with finances or any other material support
  • Please note, that your buddy is a student too and may not have time to communicate with you or help you every day

We are glad to welcome you at the IKBFU!